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82 Hertz: Information about

82 hertz is the frequency of the low E string on a six-string guitar. is a collection of scales, patterns, chords and basic music theory oriented towards the guitar. It's a collection of things I've collected over the years that I'll finally be able to find because they're all in one place.

Having trouble figuring out the pictures? You're at the right place.

About the fretboards

To me it needs no explanation. But I know better. Many times I've looked at things one year down the road that were perfectly clear and obvious when I wrote them. It took me half a day to figure out what I meant. So…

Two views

In most cases when a fretboard image is used it is shown in two views, with the frets going left to right on the left side and going up and down on the right. In most of the things I've done on paper, I draw everything like the right side pictures. One reason is that it matches tablature for how to play songs. Another is that it's easier to see how patterns fit together as you move up and down the fretboard.

Some people have trouble seeing that, so I also put up the pictures having the frets go from left to right. It is the way most chord charts go, and people that don't use tablature don't very often see it the other way.

So I put both types up in most cases. But what's where?

Which way is up?

On images where the strings go up and down and the frets go left to right, the low E is on the left and the nut is at the top (meaning the guitar body would be at the bottom).

On images where the strings go left and right and the frets go up and down, the low E is on the bottom and the nut is on the left. It is the same orientation as if you are playing (right handed) and looking down at your fingers on the frets.